Do You Want Batteries That Last Longer Or Batteries That Cost Less?

The answer to the question in the title might depend on how you are going to be using the batteries when deciding which is the best battery for your application. Maybe I should be clear that I am not speaking about rechargeable batteries which we use the most in our amateur radio equipment. But sometimes we need to use a dry cell battery  pack because it will be difficult to recharge batteries where we need to use our handheld radios. Also most of us do not use rechargeable batteries in our flashlights and a flashlight should be a definite part of your emergency operations go kit.

Now back to the question. If it will be convenient to carry lots of batteries to use then the batteries that cost less might be best but in order for them to be considered to cost less you need to determine the cost per milliwatt hour (milliwatt hours divided by the cost).

Another consideration is the shelf life of a battery. It is very probable that the batteries will sit for a few years with either little or no use. You want to be sure they are working ad in good condition before they are needed.

An article on resent research gives some interesting insight into the problem.  The information is limited and it is just about AA batteries the article does have some value in selecting batteries.

To read the article [CLICK HERE]

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