ICS 200b Required

12/20/2012 Sutter County California will have a simulated leave break and thus flooding. For this drill they asked for amateur radio participation. They did have one stipulation any ham radio operators participating must have completed the ICS 200b course.  I am sure there are some who have to work that have completed the course and are thus not able to help but there are others who have the time but have not completed the course  and thus are not allowed to participate.

The government agencies are getting serious about this. Some hams think their services will not be refused is a real disaster hits but do not kid yourself. They do not want people who do not understand the Incident Command System  operational procedures to mess up the works. There is a very good possibility that ARES may require ICS 200b to be a member.

I would also recommend taking the ICS 700 and the ICS 100b.

We will only have 3 amateur radio operators at the drill and this makes amateur radio look bad. It makes the county officials question whether or not we will be able to help out in a time of real need.

To find the ICS 200 b course [CLICK HERE]

To fine the ICS 100 b course [CLICK HERE]

To find the ICS 700 course [CLICK HERE]



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