From early in the morning to late at night I worked trying to put a program together designed to help interested people to get their license. My plan was that these lessons would help supplement a manual like the ARRL Technician Class License Manuel or to be used by an instructor in a class.  I myself have successfully  taught ham radio classes using the earlier version of this series of lessons. Several have emailed me or use the comment section to tell me that they have used nothing but my online course to get their license.

Preparing these lessons required that each question in the question pool be carefully analyzed and then information explaining the questions be written for the students to study.


Most of the questions are good questions but there a few that I personally feel should be removed or restated to improve the quality of the pool. I know it took a lot of work to put this together and we are never going to get 100% agreement on whether or not some questions is appropriate.


Just correcting grammatical errors would be an improvement.


Yes I know that statement could be applied to my own writings but I don’t have a proof reader. There are some qualified readers who could study the pool just for the purpose of correcting these errors.


I am not pointing out specifics because I do not want to offend or condemn. All I am saying is I believe the pool could be improved. These questions are the gateway to ham radio and a gate should be functional and efficient for the purpose for which it was established.


If you know anyone interested in getting a technician license these lessons are now posted on the “BECOME AN AMATEUR RADIO OPERATOR” page of this blog.  Anyone using this course is welcome to ask me questions concerning the course by using the comment section or by emailing me at and please the words Ham’s Life in the subject line so my spam monster won’t eat it.



WORD OF ADVICE: If ordering any amateur radio test preparation manual check to make sure it covers the current question pool. These pools change every five years.

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