Meet Bob N6BOB.  When I moved to Yuba City, CA 17 years ago Bob’s call was W6OWH.  I had several on the air as well as eyeball QSO’s with Bob over the years.

In 1960 ham radio operators were required to keep a log for every transmission we made.  A log without a distress entry only needed to be kept until one year after the last entry; those with a distress entries had to  be kept 5 years.  So keeping the logs for 50 years was not really required but I still have my first three log books.

It is fun to go back through the old logs and reminisce of days long gone by.  Frequently I have wondered how many of those old contacts are still active.

Bob N6BOB with his granddaughter Ellie KJ6KZP on his lap also at the table is Ron W6KJ. They are volunteering at a booth to inform people about the switch from analogue TV to digital TV.

While going through my first log one day there was a call and name that caught my attention.  The call was WV6OWH and his name was Bob.  That was December of 1960.

When Bob upgraded to general class the FCC would have changed his call sign from WV6OWH to WA6OWH but I knew it was possible he might have changed his call by dropping the A when vanity calls became available.   The next time I spoke with Bob on the local 2 meter repeater I asked him and sure enough his original call was WV6OWH.

Bob also saved his first log and he went back in time and found our QSO recorded in his log.

At the time I thought logging was a pain but now looking back I am glad the FCC required it.  It is a fun way to remember how it was.  I won’t call them the good old days but I had fun back then.


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