Soldering and Desoldering Surface Mount Devices (SMD)

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is a common way of adding electronic components to a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) without placing leads through holes drilled in the boards. The components are known as Surface Mounted Devices (SMD) or Surface Mounted Components (SMC).

Many of our modern ham radio transmitters, receivers, transceivers, and other peripheral devices use this technology. Most hams are reluctant to try to repair units with SMD components and if an amateur radio operator is unfamiliar with soldering technique on these tiny electronic components it is probably best not to try.These devices include resistors, transistors, capacitors, ICs, coils, and more.

It really isn’t hard but it does have to be done right.

Never try to reuse components that have been removed from the board because the process of removing them will frequently damage the components.

I worked commercial radio repair for several years repairing units with SMD components so from a professional point of view I can recommend the following video for those who would like to know how to remove and replace SMDs.

To watch video [CLICK HERE]


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