Sutter Buttes Repeater WD6AXM

The Sutter Buttes south side

Known as Esto Yamani (which means Middle Mountain) by the indigenous Maidu the Sutter Buttes holds the distinction of being the world’s smallest mountain range.  If you don’t agree that they are the world’s smallest mountain range I would suggest not saying anything about your position on that in the Central Sacramento Valley area or you might get your nose punched.   We who were born and raised here love those mountains.

The Sutter Buttes’ highest peak, the top of South Butte, is 2,130 on its west peak; the east peak is slightly lower with a saddle in between.  They sit in the middle of the Sacramento Valley between the Coast Range on the West side and the Sierra Nevada range on the east.  North and south is a lot of flat land.

It is on the top of the east peak that the WD6AXM repeater sits.  As you can well imagine it covers a lot of ground that would be approximately 5,000 square miles mobile coverage.  The repeater is a Motorola MTR-2000.

If you are ever in the Sacramento Valley tune your radio to 146.085 with a plus 600 KHz offset and a CTCSS tone of 127.3 Hz and Astrike up a QSO.  Visitors are always welcome. Rear View of Repeater


The antenna system consists offour folded dipoles.




The repeater’s duplexer allows the repeater to use one antenna for both transmission and reception in duplex mode.







The repeater is maintained by   Dave Gardner WD6AXM and owned by the Yuba Sutter Amateur Radio Club.




(Photo of Buttes taken by Russel Decker KB6YAF and repeater photos taken by Lonnie Moore KI6ZYY)

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