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As any regular reader of this blog knows, I firmly believe using ham radio during an emergency situation is of great importance in to the well being of our communities. Cell phones, land line telephone, and internet are very effective means of communication most of the time, but these all have a complex infrastructure and if that infrastructure fails, as it is very apt to do during an emergency, these means of communications become useless. Ham radio does not have an infrastructure so as long as some means of emergency power is available (sun, wind, water, hand cranked generator, etc) communications is possible. Many times in the past ham radio has been the only means of communications in and out of stricken areas, and without doubt it again will be many times in the future.


The ARRL sponsored ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services) provides a means whereby ham radio operators can facilitate a higher level of preparedness for themselves and their station. ARES provides training, information, and organization for emergency operation.


In the spirit of amateur radio emergency preparedness the Sacramento Valley ARES has put together a website which, though most specifically aimed at Sacramento Valley, will help any ham radio operator or group of hams to be more prepared. This includes ARES membership information, training resources, information on local nets, links to a variety of other related sites, and much more.


This  site can be found at:

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