The Web Hosting Company used by ham’s life – Review

I have been asked several times what Web Hosting Company Ham’s Life uses.

The hosting company for Ham’s Life and all other sites used by Duncan’s Opportunities is Blue Host. I have tried other hosting companies but Blue Host is the best I have found yet.

When you call Blue Host Customer Service with a question they will stay with you and walk you through the problem or if it is an error that they need to clear they know what they are doing. They will explain things to you and not make you feel like a dummy.

The site platform used by is Word Press. It is an easy platform to work with and is extremely easy to put on a Blue Host account.

When I discontinued using another hosting company and moved the domain name over to Blue Host they added it to the account for free and no extra yearly or monthly charges. I can add as many sites as I want with no increase in my billing. Depending on the circumstances there may be a small one time fee.

So if you are looking for a web hosting company to host your ham radio blog, amateur radio store, or any other web site I can highly recommend Blue Host.

(Learn more Click on the banner below.)

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