Wayne Green

On September 13, 2013 Wayne S. Green II, W2NSD (Never Say Die”) became silent key.

Green was well known in the ham radio community as one who was not afraid to make his opinion known especially during the 1950s and 1960s. Amateur radio was not the only area where Wayne was willing to make his opinion known. He would speak on almost any subject and made a few guest appearances on the talk radio program Coast to Coast which is hosted by Art Bell, W6OBB.

Waynewas a strong advocate for SSB back when many of us (yes I was one) were dragging our feet and saying we liked AM. He was also a strong advocate for hams to move away from the glow in the dark technology into the solid state world. Green was a pioneer in ham radio FM and interfacing ham radios with computers.

Wayne Green was the chief honcho for CQ magazine for 5 years then from 1960 to 2003 he called himself the, “El Supremo and Founder”

73 Magazine encouraged hams to build their own equipment.

of 73 magazine.

ARRL CEO David Sumner, K1ZZ said, “Waynewill be remembered in many different ways by many different people, but he will be long remembered. He maintained his membership in the ARRL despite being a persistent critic. In the early days of packet radio he gave me some good advice as to how the ARRL should promote the new technology: ‘Talk about it as if everybody’s doing it, and eventually they will be.’”

 Much more could be said about the accomplishments in amateur radio made by this icon as we say goodbye. He will be greatly missed

(The “Final” in his blog says, “Wayne Green passed away September 13, 2013 in a peaceful, painless transition from this life on Earth. An eternal optimist, and one who loved to share his never-ending zest for life, he was a friend to many and will be missed greatly. Wayne was not afraid of dying and was very much ready to embark on his next great adventure to the afterlife. http://www.waynegreen.com/wayne/news.html)

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