What Would You Like to See on Ham’s Life Blog?

When I write this blog it is not about me it is about you. Ham radio has such a wide facet of topics and I try to touch on as many as I can so as to hopefully give something of interest to everybody.

The problem is, as it goes now, I am looking at a one way mirror you can see me and I can see my reflection but I can’t see you. The only way I can see you is for you to leave comments so I can know something about you.

So I am going to offer a challenge. I challenge you, not the others that are reading this, I am challenging you to write a comment and tell me how long you have been a ham and if you are not a ham how long have you been interested in ham radio. Tell me your favorite mode of operation and your favorite band. Finally tell me something you would like to see on this blog.

Now consider yourself challenged. Wait no consider yourself dared. I dare you to write that comment in fact I double dog dare you. There if that doesn’t get you to writing I don’t know what will.


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