When Setting Up An Emergency Station Respect Other People’s Property

There are some who may read this post and wonder if it is necessary for me to say these things. After observing humans for over 65 years and seeing how they treat other people’s property I say yes it is necessary. Most of the disrespect for other people’s property, I believe, comes from a lack of training so it is my purpose to give just a little training.

When you set  up an emergency ham radio station it will most likely be on property you don’t own; in other words you will be a guest who been allowed this privilege. Respect that property whether it is a building, an open field, or whatever is provided. It, most likely, is a place where someone else lives, works, or plays. When you return it to them they would like for it to be returned to them just like you found it when you got there.

Before rearranging furniture, equipment, or any thing else take time to look and write down how these items are arranged and where they are located. Again I say write it down and draw a diagram because, if your memory is anything like mine you may forget just how it was; also there is the possibility that someone else may have to break down the station and set things back in order when the emergency is over.

Leave gates the way you found them. By that I mean if you enter through a gate and it was closed before you entered it stop and take the time to close it. You may not see any reason why a gate should be shut but if the owner has shut it then it should be shut even if you are not going to be there very long (animals can escape very quickly even if you don’t see them.) You don’t have to know why. If the gate was open then don’t take it upon yourself to shut the gate.

For the most part the same thing can be said about doors in a building.

Keep your vehicle on the road or designated area for vehicle. Even if you think it will be okay to drive there, if you have not been given specific instruction to drive there, don’t drive there.

Do not litter. If you brought it in then remove it. If someone else brought it in for you to use then make sure, if you are not able to remove it, that someone is responsible to remove it and follow up to see that it has been removed. Except maybe under some conditions, do not use their trash cans. Take your trash off the property.

Do not duct tape antennas to the wall. Duct tape will sometimes cause paint to chip when it is removed. Do not put nails or staples in anything.

Amateur radio stations need antennas.

If you erect an antenna in trees be sure you do not damage the trees or any fruit that may be on them. In like manner treat any structure you may use for erecting an antenna or installing equipment with respect.

If you do cause any damage inter the information in your log book and notify your leader and the owner if you are able to.


Many times people feel like it is no big deal. They would not be bothered if someone else did that to them but the owner or manager of the property may not have the same standards as you have.

Showing respect can get an invitation to use that property again if needed in the future but a lack of respect can result in a big wall being put up against any future use.

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