Why Didn’t We Hear This On The News? Ham Save Passengers On Air Plane.

Ham radio enthusiast Benny Young

Photo From Irish Sun

 A 29 year old Irish ham radio operator, Benny Young of Tyrone, is credited with possibly saving the lives of passengers and crew on a United Airlines passenger plane en route from Dublin to Boston by responding to their mayday call.The story appeared in the Irish Sun on November 23, 2012.
When I first read the story in the Sun I was convinced that the story must be accurate but as I looked further at the Sun I found it is not a News Paper but a Tabloid thus I could not consider the story to be too creditable. The reason I started looking for the story was because I read it in a ham radio blog. But further research convinced me that the story is accurate.
The event happened during Hurricane Sandy so maybe the news just missed it because with elections and the storm there was enough news without reporting on this.
The aircraft was not able to establish communications with the control tower. The pilot thought they would make land before the storm hit but had miscalculated. Knowing he would not be able to land in Boston because of the storm and unable to establish communications the pilot gave a distress call and Benny heard the call and responded.
This is the type of information we need to get out to the public so the naysayers will know that amateur radio still serves a purpose in today’s world of communications.
If you heard this on the news please comment and let me know.



Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/irishsun/irishsunnews/4647214/Ham-radio-fan-saves-US-bacon-by-spotting-Sandy-mayday-call.html#ixzz2D1MVGpdc

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